Monday, 15 September 2014


Following another summer of disturbances from riders of various types of illegal motorbikes, Cllrs Harry Grayson and Clare Cleary have been out and about on Spring Street and the surrounding area asking residents for their views.

The Rishton Councillors are currently pushing for a public meeting with senior police in order to get them to recognise the severity of the problem and punish those who are seen to be getting away with it.

Cllr Cleary said, "This is an annual problem and whilst we are encouraging people to log disturbances by phoning 101 we are finding a lack of response by the police on the matter. Information is coming forward from residents as to who is responsible and where the bikes are being stored, times and places when they are being ridden and yet there is seemingly no action. People have had enough."

No meeting date has been agreed to by the police so far but Cllr Cleary is currently pushing for this as soon as possble.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Hyndburn Conservative Leader, Cllr Peter Britcliffe, has repeatedly accused Labour of overcharging on Council tax as current indications show that there will be a surplus of £165,000 by the end of the financial year in 2015.

Mid-year figures are not considered a reliable indicator of the financial position at the end of each year and Cllr Ken Moss rebuffed the accusation.

He said, "A cursory look at the Council tax increases since 1999 shows that Cllr Britcliffe increased Council tax by considerable amounts nearly every year that he was in power. Labour haven't raised HBC Council tax since 2011 and still managed to deal with the cuts imposed on us by the Conservative coalition government, plus put a bit aside to deal with the £12.9m of debts you left us with in 2011. If we are overcharging, what on Earth were you doing during your decade in control?"

The table below shows the HBC portion of Council tax since 1999 when Cllr Britcliffe became Leader of the Council. The percentage figures in red show years when Labour have been in control in Hyndburn:


1999/00 £151.53       6.9%   £939.87
2000/01 £151.51       0.0%   £982.46
2001/02 £163.41       7.8%   £1,026.56
2002/03 £167.88       2.7%   £1,098.32
2003/04 £174.42       3.9%   £1,199.61
2004/05 £181.22       3.9%   £1,258.67
2005/06 £190.28       5.0%   £1,300.39
2006/07 £199.70       5.0%   £1,364.35
2007/08 £209.29       4.8%   £1,438.88
2008/09 £219.65       5.0%   £1,492.83
2009/10 £230.52       5.0%   £1,543.31
2010/11 £230.52       0.0%   £1,548.74
2011/12 £230.52       0.0%   £1,548.74
2012/13 £230.52       0.0%   £1,552.40
2013/14 £230.52       0.0%   £1,533.22
2014/15 £230.52       0.0%   £1,557.87

A financial report is produced for each monthly Cabinet meeting and the latest one can be read here:

Financial Position 2014-2015 - Report to end of July 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014


Rishton resident Nick Hayward is currently advertising driver training courses at Highways Driver Training.

He said, "I'm a DVSA Fleet Driver trainer and I’m looking for introductions to Fleet Managers, Health And Safety Officers and HR Managers. I specialise  in Midas Minibus Training and this can be either Standard or Accessible buses. I also offer other Midas and Fuel Efficiency Courses which can be very useful for any organisation that has vehicles been used for work and want to make efficiencies. I worked for Blackpool Coastal Housing and last year saved them £11,000."

He continued, "I also provide In work place driver training for companies that have staff using company cars or Grey Fleet users (staff who use their own cars). Recently I have been accepted as an Energy Trust Trainer and can offer Subsidised Courses again on Fuel Efficiency driving."

Nick lives at 9 Clifton Street and can be contacted by telephone on 01254 889658 or 07973724414.

A website can be found at and Nick can also be contacted by email at and Twitter @highwaysdts.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


St Peter & St Paul's Primary School are hosting a coffee afternoon on Friday 26th September in aid of MacMillan Cancer Research and all residents are invited to attend.

The event runs from 1.30pm until 2.45pm and will show off World War I themed artwork by the schoolchildren.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Accrington actress Julie Hesmondhalgh was unanimously voted to be awarded the Freedom of the Borough at the Full Council meeting on Thursday 11th September 2014. The report presented to Council can be viewed here:

Item 7 - Nomination for Freedom of the Borough

Cabinet Member for Education, Leisure and The Arts, Cllr Ken Moss, moved the report and said, "Julie has found fame up and down the country by playing the much-loved Hayley Cropper and has brought discussions about euthanasia back to the fore. Her portrayal is largely responsible for that and the fact that she won two awards for it this year speaks volumes."

Cllr Harry Grayson said, "During my time working at the East Lancashire Hospice she had been involved in fundraising for us and was a great boost to everyone. She helped raise quite a bit of money because of her stardom but was very down to Earth. A lovely woman, she fully deserves this award."

Cllr Munsif Dad met her recently as the current Mayor of Hyndburn and said, "I was at a function not long ago and Julie was there. We got chatting and once she realised I was from Accrington she talked about it for another ten minutes. She came across as being very proud of her hometown and certainly hasn't forgotten her roots."

The award will be given at a special presentation some time in the autumn.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

AMY G - 20th SEPTEMBER 2014

Local singer Amy G will be performing at the Rishton Free Gardeners Club on Saturday 20th September 2014. Her performance had to be rescheduled from June after an unexpected clash of dates at the club itself. Amy is well known around Hyndburn and has performed at other venues in Rishton including The Rishton Arms.

Her performance will start at 8.00pm and entry is free to both members and non-members.

Monday, 8 September 2014


The next meeting of all 35 Hyndburn Councillors will take place on Thursday 11th September at 7.00pm in the Town Hall. Members of the public can come along and view proceedings from the gallery.

A full agenda pack can be found by following this link:

Council - 11th September 2014

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Motorists have been urged to drive more carefully at Whitebirk roundabout following a number of near misses causes by drivers running through red lights.

Cllr Ken Moss said, "This is not purely a Rishton problem by any means but I have had quite a few calls recently saying that people have narrowly avoided being hit by another car trying to sneak through on red. I have witnessed a couple of pretty bad smashes at Whitebirk from sheer recklessness, I would urge those drivers to obey the traffic lights before someone else gets hurt."

Saturday, 6 September 2014


A psychic night has been arranged at Rishton Free Gardeners Club for 11th October 2014 with local medium Lorraine Bamford. Lorraine is well-known throughout the north west and will be giving public readings to the room. Private readings will also be available after the main event.

Tickets are £8 each and will be available behind the bar from next week or by contacting Laura on 07984154412.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Cllr Ken Moss appeared on the Sean McGinty programme on 27th August 2014 to discuss the forthcoming nomination of actress Julie Hesmondhalgh for the Freedom of the Borough award.

Julie is set to be put forward for the award at the meeting of the full Council on 11th September. It is the highest honour given to any resident and is conferred on people who have given eminent service to the borough. There are currently eight living Freemen of the Borough (including athlete Ron Hill) and the honour was also given to the entire Duke of Lancaster Regiment earlier this year.

Cllr Moss said, "Julie is a prominent Accrington actress and one of several from the area to have appeared on Coronation Street. Her euthanasia storyline brought discussion of the subject to the fore, largely thanks to her portrayal, and the fact that she has won awards for that performance speaks volumes."

He added, "She has still kept her Accrington roots and is also a supporter of the Maundy Relief charity right here in our borough. She thoroughly deserves to become a Freeman due to her work in promoting the area."

The nomination will be put to the vote and, if successful, the award ceremony will take place this autumn.