Sunday, 3 May 2015


A series of incidents regarding horse riders using the connecting walkway between Grasmere Close and Ullswater Close has led to requests for intervention by the Council. Complaints about horse fouling on footpaths and startled animals being a danger to pedestrians have now forced the issue to be reviewed.

A local householder said, "Horse riding through the estate is becoming a popular pastime by many people but neither horse riders, owners of houses or the Council clean up the mess left behind."

The Rishton Councillors are now looking at ways of resolving the problem.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Complaints are being received from residents on Somerset Road regarding parking in the turning circle adjacent to Cut Lane. Cars are regularly being parked so badly that driveways are being blocked and people are having abuse shouted at them.

One resident said, "When the running club ladies returned to their cars and my neighbour asked them not to park they gave him abuse. They shouted that there is no sign about parking but surely a bit of common sense tells you that you are parked outside someone's driveway. To me it defeats the object of doing exercise by getting in a car and lighting up a cigarette."

Cllr Ken Moss said, "It's great that clubs want to use the park but all we ask is for a bit of consideration for the people who live nearby. Residents' only parking isn't viable at that location and no parking zone is probably too far in the other direction but I'll have a word with the County Council and see if we can get some sort of markings."

Friday, 1 May 2015

PROSPECTS - 5th MAY 2015

The next Prospects meeting will take place on Tuesday 5th May 2015 in The People's Centre at 7.00pm.

The panel are a group of Rishton volunteers who take an interest in the green areas around the town and organise working parties to improve areas such as the canal and railway station. Anyone wishing to get involved is welcome to come along and take part in the meeting.

Thursday, 30 April 2015


A reminder to all residents that the grey household waste bin collection will take place on Saturday 2nd May rather than the usual Monday.

All bank holiday Monday collections have now been scrapped to save money on staff overtime bills and the next date to be affected is 25th May when recycling will be collected on Saturday 23rd instead.

A full calendar for the forthcoming year can be seen above and a simple A4 hard copy can be requested from the Council by phoning 01254 388111.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Comments have been made recently regarding the standard of grass cutting along the Esplanade and Cllr Ken Moss has been looking into it.

Ken, who is also Cabinet Member for Parks and Open Spaces, said, "We've recently changed the contractor who looks after all the grass cutting in Hyndburn. It's a local firm and they're very keen but they didn't realise that HBC have always used high quality cylinder mowers to look after that particular area in-house to keep it in top condition. It's just a little teething trouble so the Parks Manager has had a chat and we'll be mowing it ourselves from now on as per usual."

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Postal voting forms were sent out on 20th April and should now be with all residents who have registered to vote by post. People are urged to complete and return them as soon as possible if they have not already done so as it will enable them to be counted more quickly ahead of the declaration on May 8th.

Anyone who has still not returned their form by 6th May is advised to take it to their nearest polling station by hand on May 7th to ensure that it is counted.

Monday, 27 April 2015


A section of uneven pavement adjacent to 9 Chapel Street has been causing concern for the residents nearby and the Rishton Councillors have made another request to repair it.

Cllr Harry Grayson said, "I reported this last year to LCC but they visited and advised the residents that this was not a deep enough hazard to warrant repair. I hope that it has now got worse enough to be repaired."

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Complaints have been coming in to the Rishton Councillors regarding the perennial problem of dog fouling and direct requests are now being made to name and shame.

One resident said, "There are people on Eachill Road who have had their dogs running wild up and down the street letting them foul on the grass in front of old folks' bit at the end. When you ask them to clear it up they just respond with abuse. Dogs are scaring the old ladies sat on the bench outside and it's not fair or safe for the elderly."

Cllr Ken Moss said, "We're getting different people sending pictures to us quite regularly now and it's reached the point where naming and shaming is probably the next stage in trying to stop it. I've also been abused by people in the street when I've challenged them to pick up after their dog. One man said it was the job of HBC to clear it up as that is what they pay their Council tax for!"

The photo above came in from Eachill Gardens and anyone with any idea who these people are is urged to come forward. The Councillors would like to speak to them regarding a dispute over the weekend.

A £50 reward scheme for information leading to prosecutions has been launched by the Council and anyone with information on people who allow their dogs to foul can call 01254 388111 to speak to the dog warden.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Filled potholes in Rishton have prompted complaints to local Councillors.

Cllr Harry Grayson said, "I have had numerous complaints regarding the standard of work concerning filled potholes on Derby Street and Chapel Street in Rishton.  It is alleged that a lady tripped over a filled hole that was raised as the Tarmac had not been packed and levelled correctly. After visiting the site, I must agree that it is there is evidence that this work was not carried out correctly."

Requests have now been made for LCC to review the way potholes are repaired.

Friday, 24 April 2015


A dip in the pavement outside 77 High Street is causing a significant puddle during wet weather and this has now been reported to LCC and HBC officers for attention.

The drainage gully in the road at the same location has seen similar problems due to a build up of mud and this has already been rectified by the workers who are making improvements to Eachill junction.