Sunday, 7 February 2016


County Councillor Miles Parkinson has asked the Rishton Councillors to list all the roads which are in need of attention due to surface wear and potholes. Many have already been logged and range from James Street up to St Albans Drive and these will be addressed in order of seriousness by Lancashire County Council.

Cllr Ken Moss said, "The first 100 yards or so of Spring Street from the High Street junction is now particularly bad and in need of a proper resurfacing job. We hope that County will share our view on this as there are several businesses clustered there and it is a very busy stretch."

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Following many complaints of long queues on Blackburn Road, an engineer from Lancashire County Council discovered a fault that was bringing in the pedestrian crossing stage every time, even when not demanded, which seemed to be causing some of the extra queueing.

This fault was put right on Tuesday 2nd February and a number of minor timing changes were also made to help to reduce the queueing and improved the operation of the signals.

The traffic consultants who designed the new installation are coming back to the site to review and revalidate the operation of the signals on 22nd February. This should also hopefully improve further the operation of the signals and confirm that they are working as efficiently as possible.

Cllr Ken Moss said, "It's unfortunate that it has taken so long to put right but unfortunately LCC are under a great deal of pressure at the moment. However, I hope that people will have already felt the difference and I'll be monitoring the situation just to make sure." 

Friday, 5 February 2016


Cllrs Clare Cleary and Ken Moss have been invited to give a talk on 13th March at Rishton Methodist Church as part of a series of services by Churches Together on the theme of 'Who Is My Neighbour?'

The services start on Sunday 14th February and are as follows:

Sunday 14th February - St Charles’ Catholic Church
Mark Hirst will talk about his work with Community Solutions and ‘Our Food Bank’

Sunday 21st February - Baptist Christian Fellowship
John East will talk about his involvement with Asylum Seekers

Sunday 28th February - Parish Church of St Peter St Paul
Christine Barnes sharing her experiences as a Street Pastor in Burnley

(On Sunday 6th March there will be no service as it’s Mothering Sunday)

Sunday 13th March - Methodist Church
Ken Moss and Clare Cleary will discuss how they are involved with the community as Councillors and talk about “The Rishton Charities”

All residents are welcome to attend any or all services, which start at 6.00pm.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


The following planning applications have been submitted to Hyndburn Borough Council recently relating to Rishton:

11/16/0016 - Piggy Park
This relates to a change of use to a community garden

11/16/0026 - Pine Lodge Farm, Wilpshire Road
This relates to the erection of a covered midden

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Over the winter months, doorstep calling for roofing work and property repairs can be more prevalent, doorstep callers can lead householders to believe work is needed given the bad weather when this is often not the case.

Trading Standards will be supporting and responding to doorstep crime issues, including rapid response call outs where a trader is present, visiting and advising residents who may have become victims of rogue traders and investigating criminal offences where possible. Where necessary Trading Standards work with and share information with the Police.

If you think you have been the victim of a scam or you suspect a scam, please call the Action Fraud helpline on 0300 123 2040 or visit the Action Fraud website.

If you receive an electronic scam you can forward it to Lancashire County Council Trading Standards at for further investigation.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


The owner of 5 Haworth Street in Rishton, which has been empty since 1997, has been prosecuted regarding the state of the property. 

On the 19th November 2015 Graham Flegg of 33 Orchard St Gt Harwood pleaded guilty before Hyndburn Magistrates to his having failed to comply with a notice served on him pursuant to S79 Building Act 1984 contrary to S99 of that Act.

He was fined £175 + £20 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £505 costs ( £125 legal £380 investigation) and a court charge of £150.

Cllr Ken Moss said, "The Rishton Councillors are delighted about this one. It is a long-term empty property and we have been trying to get it sorted for years. The house has been put up for sale and all costs have been recovered by the Council."

Cllr Clare Cleary said, "It has been a longstanding problem in Rishton and we are committed to clamping down on people who simply allow their properties to become blighted sites."

Monday, 1 February 2016


Rishton residents alerted police to banging sounds in High Street at 03:00 on 23rd January and when patrols attended they discovered a break-in at Ellison Printing in High Street.

Police Liaison Officer, Tony Ford, said, "The premises were surrounded at which time it was discovered that a vehicle at the rear of the premises had also been broken into. A search of the premises revealed the offender hiding inside. He was arrested and is currently detained at the Police station whilst enquiries into these and other similar offences are completed. Thanks to the timely and accurate information from the public these offences will be detected and perhaps others prevented."

Sunday, 31 January 2016


Local landlords and letting agents are invited to a free one day course to update their knowledge about the important issues which affect them as a landlord.

The Council is hosting a number of one–day training courses, facilitated by the National Landlords Association, during February and March, which will focus on the main issues facing landlords and letting agents, including finding tenants; setting up a tenancy; managing and ending a tenancy; keeping records; repairing obligations and will feature up to date advice.

Landlords and letting agents are invited to come along and learn about rights and responsibilities as a landlord. The day will also give them the chance to network with other landlords and letting agents and discuss face-to-face ideas, problems and possible solutions.

A number of sessions are available throughout February and March. For more information or to book a place visit; call 01254 380166 or 380619; or email

Saturday, 30 January 2016


The junction of Meadowhead Drive and Petre Crescent has deteriorated through general wear and tear and is now in poor condition.

It has been reported to LCC to be put on the list of surfaces for repair.

Friday, 29 January 2016


A considerable water leak on Eachill Road has been reported to the Rishton Councillors. The leak, seen here at the junction with Noble Street, appears to be coming through the road itself and has now been reported to the relevant authority.